Reviews for Crazy U

From National Review:

In Crazy U, Ferguson is at his dazzling best, using humor and narrative as portals to very serious subjects. The book is both a hilarious chronicle of his 18-month ordeal helping his not-always-cooperative son apply to college and a devastating exposé of the buying and selling of higher education in America.


From Jacques Steinberg in the New York Times:

Since its publication earlier this month, Crazy U: One Dad’s crash course in Getting His Kid Into college, has been the subject of much buzz within the admissions world ” and outside it, too. Some parents have seized on the book, by Andrew Ferguson, a senior editor at The Weekly Standard, as a much-needed manifesto, one in which the author brings the perspective of a curious outsider to an oft-bewildering process.


From Stephen Walsh of

Andrew Ferguson makes the college admissions process feel a lot like an M. Night Shyamalan movie: Plenty of drama and tension. Maybe a little terror. And plot twists that will leave parents saying, “I did not see that coming.”

Ferguson’s new book, “Crazy U: One Dad’s crash course Into Getting His Kid Into college” is part comic memoir and part parental prep guide.

But with all the sage advice on navigating the potholes and mazes of college admissions, “Crazy U” also is a poignant read about parents helping their beloved son leave home and find success at a decent school.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

With privilege, as any novelist or therapist can attest, comes misery. Almost everything that was once thought a source of happiness – weddings, infants, the financial wherewithal to send a child to private school or college – has been transformed into an ordeal by a stressed, competitive community. Someone should write the book When Good Things Happen to Anxious People. Actually, Ferguson has.


From the Washington Post:

For many families, this is March madness ” the moment of high anxiety concerning higher education as many colleges announce their admittance decisions. It is the culmination of a protracted mating dance between selective institutions and anxious students. Part agony, part situation comedy, it has provoked Andrew Ferguson to write a laugh-until-your-ribs-squeak book ” Crazy U: One Dad’s crash course in Getting His Kid into college.


From Slate:

We could all stand to lighten up about everyday traumas, and a book that invites us to chuckle more and “work through” less, while imparting nuggets of useful information here and there in a self-effacing narrative context, is the best kind of self-help guide I know. So thank you, Andrew Ferguson, for publishing Crazy U: One Dad’s crash course in Getting His Kid Into college as my oldest child enters the final phase of the college-applications triathlon.