Reviews for Crazy U

From the christian Science Monitor:

It’s an honest account of a devoted dad who finds himself torn between wanting to help his son win the admissions game and not wanting to play by the contradictory rules forced upon them. It’s an unflinching look at the craziness of college admissions, the outrageous price tags of higher education, and, finally, how wonderful it is to watch our teenagers step into that new unknown that begins the rest of their life. (And ends our financial security as we know it.)

From David Shribman, writing in the Boston Globe:

So much has been written about college admissions that it may be hard to imagine a first-person account of the college wars finding a niche in the market. But this is an affectionate, affecting account, and while it won’t tell you whether Bard or Baylor is the place for your child, it may help you figure out how to keep your sanity in a process that lacks it entirely.

From Amy Scribner of

Ferguson, editor of the Weekly Standard, takes no prisoners as he writes about the big business that our higher education system has become. He eviscerates the inane, tightly choreographed college campus tours (try not to snort when he describes a Harvard admissions officer shimmering into the room for an open house). He meets a $40,000-a-pop private counselor who helps grease the wheels for admission into the Ivy League. He takes the SAT, earning a math score somewhere below ‘lobotomy patient’ but above ‘Phillies fan.’ 