Land of Lincoln

“A vivid, beautifully written book…What Andrew Ferguson offers in Land of Lincoln is the geography of enthusiasm itself.” –The Wall Street Journal

A Wall Street Journal and chicago Tribune Favorite Book of the Year

Abraham Lincoln was our greatest president and perhaps the most influential American who ever lived. But what is his place in our country today? In this brilliant and captivating book, Andrew Ferguson packs his bags and embarks on a journey to the heart of contemporary Lincoln Nation.

In homes, museums, national parks, roadside motels, and elsewhere from Rhode Island to Beverly Hills, he encounters a world as funny as it is poignant, a population as devoted as it is colorful, and a man whose spirit, mythology, and philosophy continue to shape our national identity in ways both serious and surprising. Land of Lincoln is an entertaining, unexpected, and big-hearted celebration of our sixteenth president’s enduring influence on our country–and the people who help keep his spirit alive.