New York Times: A calm, amusing, low-key meditation on a subject that is anything but calm, amusing or low key

April 13, 2011

From Dwight Garner, writing for the New York Times:

The admissions process, as Andrew Ferguson puts it in his new book, Crazy U, entangles not just our pocketbooks but everything else that, besides world peace and cocktail hour, matters to parents: our vanities, our social ambitions and class insecurities, and most profoundly our love and hopes for our children.

Mr. Ferguson is a senior editor at The Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine, and he’s a valiant guide through this emotional territory. He’s got a big, beating heart, but he tucks it behind a dry prose style that owes a little bit to Mark Twain and Tom Wolfe ” to name the first two white-suited writers who come to mind ” and also to Dave Barry (who I suspect wears Dockers).